Fresh Petals

Why choose our fresh rose petals?
Most florists use petals from flowers that have already opened up and have begun to deteriorate. Petals from florists and wholesalers may be old flowers that they have not sold. Rose petal weddings uses petals from fresh picked roses and deliver them to you the very next day.

When fresh petals are used, the effects are extraordinary. We sell fresh hydroponic roses grown at our California farm and a high quality farm in Ecuador. Depending on availability, we ship either from our farm in California, or direct from our farm in Ecuador to ensure you the freshest and most beautiful products possible.

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How are they shipped?
Your fresh rose petals will be air expressed to you overnight to arrive the day before your wedding. We package all of our fresh rose petals in a 11" x 6" x 4" petal pack. When you receive your petals, keep them looking fresh before you need them:

1. Take them out of the box they shipped in, but leave them in the plastic bag.
2. Remove the staple to open the bag up.
3. Put a napkin on top of the petals inside the bag to absorb water from condensation.
4. Put the bag into the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Make sure no water touches the petals - it would be disastrous.

Our fresh rose petals come in a wide assortment of beautiful colors.
Choose below which colors you would like. Choose from premium colors red, pale pink, hot pink, orange, lavender, white or special colors lavender yellow. We encourage you to create your own custom fresh rose petal mixes.


For next day delivery of fresh rose petals, orders need to be placed no later than 3:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). Mon-Fri. delivery only. Orders placed on Sat and Sun will be processed next business day.